BPS Dentures from the Perfect Smile

There are many types of dentures available in the current scenario. Dentures give a natural look to the teeth and nobody can see the denture unless it is removed. The Bio-functional prosthetic system is such a one denture’s variety. The BPS denture meets out individual requirement. BPS denture helps in mastication and speaking in a high extent. Only certified technicians and dental labs are authorized to fabricate BPS dentures. It is specially fabricated from the coordinated materials.

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Benefits of BPS dentures: Strong, healthy, clean, Accurate, Aesthetic, Highly precise to fit, Less chair time

Advantages of BPS dentures over conventional dentures

  • Even harder foods can be eaten immediately after this BPS insertion. The High-quality teeth set and during speaking based on the BPS principles make BPS dentures a perfect masterwork.
  • BPS dentures have high fracture resistance

What Does the BPS System Offer?

By using state of the art denture technology, the BPS system creates reliable, beautiful dentures. The three core components of the BPS dentures are

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  • Stratos 200 or 300 Articulator
  • Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth
  • IVOCAP injection molding system

What are the processes involved in BPS?

  • Consultation with the dentist
  • Taking preliminary dental impressions accurately (using Accu-Dent system)
  • Final impression
  • Utilizing a Universal Transfer System a face bow transfer is one
  • Using Ivoclar Gnathometer bite registrations are done
  • With the help of an Ivoclar stratus 200/300 articulator, Ivoclar teeth are done
  • Try in IVOCAP processing injection
  • Post insertion personalized occlusion equilibration
  • The patient is educated about the procedure

If you want, customization of your BPS dentures is also possible. It means, for example, that the tooth shade or optical structure of the natural teeth is reproduced in your dentures. In this way, dentures are not just white and regular but reveal a true-to-nature and individual appearance.

Perfect smile is the best clinic for dentures in Bangalore, particularly the BPS dentures are fixed by the perfect smile and they are one of the few centres who offer this patented American Technology Dentures.

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